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April 21, 2011

On the Ally, my “real” Android test phone, I have seen the goal, a list of nearby Wayside Memorials.

One problem, the database reloads every time an update on the proximity is called for.

More programming needed.

works, but too slow

Programming for Android, without knowing Java is very hard.


Fallacies of Composition…

April 12, 2011

Saying that “What is true for an individual is always true for the group!” is a logical fault that can lead to serious suffering.

An individual at a football game can stand up and see better. If all the spectators at the game stand up, none sees any better.

Another Example:
If an individual of family exercises frugality, and invests wisely in the future, that individual or family will likely get ahead, unless all, or a great many individuals of families choose to exercise the same frugality and investment strategy. The individuals may in fact be worse off within a short period of time.

There are many politicians and news analysts advocating a complete turn around in how America runs itself. Especially, they advocate a “balanced” budget for government operations, expanding on the requirement for individuals or families to maintain a balanced budget. While the budget of the group is not the same as the sum of the individuals’ budgets, such a large fraction of the total economy should be run with better thinking.

Failure to recognize the fallacy in this thinking may bring America to much grief.

America’s economy should be steered towards providing for the population in a sustainable manner. Were energies currently directed towards conflict, diverted to broadening prosperity and education, the world would be better off.