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Redistricting in Modern Times

November 28, 2011

One Man; One Vote
Districts drawn for competent effective representative government were needs be compact in times when messages and messengers traveled at the same speed. Nowadays, since the demise of newspapers, some may argue that districts should be formed on the basis of shared views. Facebook friendship districts, if you will. Given the history of and possibilities for even greater skewing of electronic media, I argue that compact districts where word of mouth communication is a realistic alternative or complement to mass media will be essential for America to progress.


New does not work for me.

November 28, 2011

The new WordPress, that is. Being a “self starter” Economic Development Specialist for ECoNA, a collaborative of businesses and governments based in Flagstaff Arizona, is relaxing. I just finished a self started project redistricting Arizona’s congressional representative districts. The independent commission has been stymied by controversy. The commission did contract with a firm that has some ESRI based geographic software that automates the messy process that has been mostly been done behind closed doors by and for the incumbents. My idea was to adopt a scheme that could be the basis for modification according to how new boundaries could be anticipated according to the patterns of growth and decline in Arizona. Using the state flag and suggesting two districts would be better served by choosing two from a slate of candidates is an apparently legal idea that may better serve the citizens who live in urban areas and change residences, but not necessarily political views as the rental markets evolve.

For ECoNA, this week I suggest that the service area be designed to include all or Arizona North of i-40, plus all of Arizona North of the Mogllion rim. Areas that could be in or out are: Payson, and Camp Verde. That Clarkdale is served by train from near Chino valley makes for an interesting decision.