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Self Starter?

November 9, 2012

Enrolled and finished, after long delays so that I could use the help programs that O’Reilly provided for other projects, an online class in PHP, and the required HTML.  Then I registered two domains.  The one site provides the user with the latitude and longitude of the five nearest highway fatalities.  But that doesn’t weem to be enough to interest the folks who say that they are interested in “slef-starters.”


Loose Keel?

November 9, 2012

Nobody seems to check the keel attachment. Old sailboats, ones with fin keels, are cheap. Reason? the bolts in the bilge are never looked at, And they rust; ever increasing the danger that the keel will become unsealed and the boat will sink.
I now have one, a cheap sail boat, and am replacing the keel bolts. A big job. A very cold front, or the first cold forn of the fall is moving in and I have a three day weekend to do the fiber glass work. The cold might give me more time to work the liquid resin into place. Can’t launch the boat though. I should let the resin stiffen in two stages. Stage one loose fit semi-hard. Stage two: torque bolts squeezing the almost hard resin to seal things up.