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Remote work with pay? Real? If you make it so!

January 6, 2010

No more, or at least not much more, time will be wasted trying to figure out what was about, or did, or didn’t do.  For nearly a month, I’ve tracked down all the names I could find of people who were associated with that site.  Less than a half dozen have so far responded.  Many EDO-lings are disinterested, or perhaps have a bad taste in their mouths.

To my great happiness, one Mr. Babu Mohanan from India has expressed interest.  The two of us see possibilities in a sweat equity internet start up.  The main asset of the old site was the name.  I paid $30 to have it appraised.  It might be worth $13.5k according to a well know domain name brokerage.

Our Domain name is our primary asset at this time.  So I have joined the, (which in times past was in part acronym-ed for Whole EARTH.  I’m hopping for a tie in there.  Good advice from some of them at least.

Protecting and advancing the equity we have in is the order!  Scavenging for value amongst the dead or dying is not the order!

I wanted a gig as a planner-analyst for a meaningful utilitarian remote work place.  I had to start one to get what I wanted.  Sailors of old would say we are making headway under an oaken breeze.  When becalmed, as so many are, start dipping your, ones, MINE, oars in the water and PULL!