Work? What We Want is Wages!

May 5, 2010 promised “remote work.”  There is no evidence that they ever intended to pay anybody for any of the work…Playing on the nobility of “non profit,” they offered “Ambassadorships.”

I want remote work and especially remote PAY!  Most, if not all of the come-ons reduce down to scams.  Never pay for a job, not even a “union” job.  Dues out of pay later is alright, but to have to pay up front is an unethical practice and probably is a bribe.

So to get a remote work and pay site to work for, I have to build one.  That is were comes into play.  I thought that there would be enough skilled help left over from the demise of, that I would be joining a team of happy workers, read their site.  Not so.

Most Internet work is a residue from some other kind of work that is probably on the decline.  I’d sure like to hear about honest pay for honest work. has not got the jump on me yet.  Lynwood Bishop of Georga has a snazzy display of fatal accident statistics.  Perhaps he got thet data on the net before I did, certainly in more colorful form, but I have the better analysis: Traffic is what makes roads risky!  More on this later.  The goal is to get the data onto GPSs.  As timely warnings, and links to place cued information  that makes road travel better.


Remote work with pay? Real? If you make it so!

January 6, 2010

No more, or at least not much more, time will be wasted trying to figure out what was about, or did, or didn’t do.  For nearly a month, I’ve tracked down all the names I could find of people who were associated with that site.  Less than a half dozen have so far responded.  Many EDO-lings are disinterested, or perhaps have a bad taste in their mouths.

To my great happiness, one Mr. Babu Mohanan from India has expressed interest.  The two of us see possibilities in a sweat equity internet start up.  The main asset of the old site was the name.  I paid $30 to have it appraised.  It might be worth $13.5k according to a well know domain name brokerage.

Our Domain name is our primary asset at this time.  So I have joined the, (which in times past was in part acronym-ed for Whole EARTH.  I’m hopping for a tie in there.  Good advice from some of them at least.

Protecting and advancing the equity we have in is the order!  Scavenging for value amongst the dead or dying is not the order!

I wanted a gig as a planner-analyst for a meaningful utilitarian remote work place.  I had to start one to get what I wanted.  Sailors of old would say we are making headway under an oaken breeze.  When becalmed, as so many are, start dipping your, ones, MINE, oars in the water and PULL! seems inactive

January 5, 2010


December 16, 2009

A spread sheet comparing the frequency of words appearance in the House and Senate Healthcare reform bills under consideration right now, should get to Google Documents. The Senate version mentions money amounts, the house nearly not at all.

Nailing down a paid job with

December 6, 2009

Not just “karma points,” either!  Writing and editing those entries where improvements are easy and obvious has occupied me for the last few hours.   I’ve spent the last few months reading travel websites, and seeing lots of room for improvement and additional utility.  Online classes in HTML. CSS, and PHP should help lots, but the minor in geography, GPS familiarity, and should put me near the top of the list.

December 4, 2009 uses I’ve read wordpress blogs over the last year or so, on various subjects, but used Associated Content and Helium more. The temptation of getting paid, I guess.

Hello world!

December 4, 2009

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